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קרן הקלנוע הישראלי

Haifa 33rd Film Festival

Films that received the support of the fund received major awards at the festival’s Israeli Feature Film Competition:

The Testamnet -  winner of the Best Israeli Feature Film Award

Jury comments: “This is a film that tells the story of an obsessive Israeli hero who courageously confronts his identity crisis, with the role of the tragic Jewish history in his life, and with his need to reach the truth in order to achieve continuity.”

Directed by Amichai Greenberg  Produced by Yoav Roeh, Aurit Zamir / Gum Films

Low Tide – winner of the The Danny Lerner Award for  Best Feature Debut

Jury comments: In this film, the director creates a character who is an anti-hero, a tormented Israeli soldier, who retreats from all his responsibilities – both personal and national – in order to weigh anew his place and builds a violent and alienated world, which is at the same time both known and unknown.

Directed by Daniel Mann. Producers: Itai Tamir, Ilan Girard.

Low Tide received two more awards:

The Anat Pirchi Award for Cinematography in an Israeli Feature Film went to  Ziv Berkovich

Jury comments: “Ziv Berkovich's cinematography presented complex composition, setting up shots, and precise use of lighting which bring the viewer into the internal and nightmarish world of the hero.”

The Anat Pirchi Award for Editing in an Israeli Feature Film went to Or Ben David.

Jury comments: “Or Ben David's editing built a narrative and created a convincing world using compressed and rhythmic time transitions, demonstrating impressive control.”


Tzahi Grad received the Best Actor award for lead role in  The Cousin which he also directed, wrote and produced.

Jury comments: “In the film, Tzahi Grad creates a multi-faceted, varied and comical character who gets drawn into a challenging ideological crisis and who with great grace presents a cinematic depiction of the Israeli man.”

Grad also received the The Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean Award (Fedeora) for Combined Artistic Achievement - directing, script writing and acting in an Israeli film. Jury comments: “In his third film, Grad demonstrates his abilities in three creative areas. He examines sharply the dynamics of passion and manages to amuse while formulating a thought-provoking statement.”


In the Festival’s Pitching event, The Israel Film Fund Development grant was given to "Silence" by Eliran Elya, produced by Liat Benasuly, L.Benasuly productions.

Jury comments: “Silence feels fresh, authentic and universal with a strong social content showing marginal lives in the outskirts of Israel. It's a story of a Don Quixote battle who chooses his neighborhood/family over money.”