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קרן הקלנוע הישראלי

Israel Film Fund at the Jerusalem Film Festival

Four films the received production support from the Israel Film Fund will be screened in the 2018 Jerusalem film Festival.

Opening Film of the festival 

The Unorthodox     Dir. By: Eliran Malka 

Yakov Cohen, an orthodox single father whose daughter was expelled from school for ethnic reasons, decides to run for the city elections and almost single-handedly establish the first ethnic political group in Israel which today is an empire with half a million voters and significant implications to society. 

He had no knowledge, no money, no connections and no PR but he had the strong will to take action that would allow him and other Sephardic Jews to hold their heads up high. He brought two friends along, their operation was characteristic of the people they represented: not the suit-wearing types but with people working their way up from the bottom, informal, with love for their fellow man, a great sense of humor, and a whole lot of rage. 

Cast: Shuli Rand, Yaacov Cohen, Golan Azulai

Chief Producer:  Yonathan Paran    /    Prod. Company: Dori Media Paran  

Screening on:     26/7     20:30    Sultans Pool

In the Feature Film Competition 

Echo       Dir. By: Amikam Kovner, Assaf Snir

Friday 27.07.18   16:15 Cinematheque  1 ** Saturday  28.07.18   11:45 Cinematheque 2

Here and Now       Dir. By: Roman Shumunov

Sunday 29.07.18   22:00   Cinematheque 1  ** Monday 30.07.18  14:45  Cinematheque 2

Red Cow     Dir. By Tzivia Barkai

Monday    30.07.18     19:45  Cinematheque 1 ** Tuesday 31.07.18   14:00  Cinematheque 2












Do we really know the people who are closest to us?

Avner suspects his wife Ella is having an affair. Secretly recording her telephone conversations, he turns into a spy in his own home, listening to them again and again. But while searching for one thing, he discovers another - the woman he listens to is a stranger to him, so very different from the one he thought he knew. He tries to understand that woman, to decode their relationship, but the more he knows, the less he understands. More than anything Avner must understand – Why? His investigation offers a renewed look of their relationship and questions everything that was certain in his life.

Cast: Yoram Toledano, Yael Abecassis, Guri Alfi, Tzachi Halevi, Ilanit Ben Yaakov, Aliza Rosen

Produced by: Yehonatan Paran     Production Company: Dori Media Paran

Here and Now

A social drama centering on the hardships and economic distress of teenage youth who immigrated from the USSR, living in the slums of Ashdod.

A social drama centering on four young immigrant friends living in a poor neighborhood in the Israeli city of Ashdod. Surviving from day to day, they form a rap group and spend most of their time rehearsing for an upcoming music festival. Striving to adapt to Israeli society , they want to effect the harsh reality they live in and hope to do so by winning the musical contest which will give them a chance to have their voice heard. But everything falls apart when Andrey, the main character, suffers a crisis at home. The bank threatens foreclosure, and social services threaten to take his sister away. Andrey feels helpless, He struggles between caring for his family, work, and the band's rehearsals. Andrey's bandmates desperately try to help him, risking not only their dream but their lives.

Cast: Vlad Dubinsky, Mishel Vinberg, Zura Kartvelishvili, Renat Hasanov, Eduard Hmelnitsky

Produced by: Itai Tamir, Ami Livne       Production Company: Laila Films

Red Cow

A coming of age story that takes place in an Arab neighborhood in a settlement in East Jerusalem. Benny (17) orphaned from her mother since birth and the only daughter of Joshua, an ultra right wing settler and the leader of the community, faces a crucial junction in her life. As her father becomes more and more obsessed with a red heifer that he believes will bring the redemption, Benny drifts further away and into the arms of Yael, a young new woman in her life. Benny's world goes into a spin. A strong relationship forms between the two women and Benny embarks on a personal journey that will shape her religious, political and sexual consciousness.

Cast: Avigayil Koevary, Gal Toren, Moran Rosenblatt

Produced by: Itai Tamir       Production Company: Laila Films