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Films from Israel at the 74th Venice Film Festival

Four Israeli Films will screen at the 74th Venice Film Festival.

30 August to 9 September 2017

Line Up - Films from Israel at the Venice 2017 Film Festival 

In the Main Competition: "Foxtrot"

Gold Lion, award winner director Samuel Maoz returns to Venice with his new film "Foxtrot" .

A powerful and tragic story of father and son.

The Son, a soldier, is serving far away in a muddy isolated outpost. The father is in his apartment in Tel Aviv. A series of odd events, coupled with group paranoia, reduces the son to tragic acts. Later we learn of the father's sins. The seemingly chaotic randomness becomes a sophisticated, well-arranged plan of fate getting even.

A story about fate and destiny. Can we control our fate and if so to what extent to what price?

The film was produced by  Eitan Mansuri of Spiro Films (Israel) and is co-produced with Pola Pandora Produktion (Germany) and  A.S.A.P films (France)


Starring: Lior Ashkenazi, Sara Adler and Yonatan Shiray

Cinematography: Giora Bejach

World Sales: Match Factory

The Orizzonti section dedicated to new trends in World Cinema, will screen two Israeli films: "The Cousin" and "The Testament


"The Cousin"

The film takes place through the course of one day. Naftali lives with his wife and two children in a village in the center of Israel. On the day he brings, Fahed, a Palestinian worker to help him renovate his studio a young woman in the village is assaulted. Following the assault the village locales immediately suspect Fahed and Naftali has to face the skeletons that come out of the closet. "The Cousin" is an alarming story but it is also full of humor, taking place in a very authentic Israeli microcosms that at the same time  can be understood by everyone.

The film was directed by Tzachi Grad, who also wrote, produced and plays the lead role. 

Starring: Tzachi Grad, Osnat Fishman, Ala Daka  

Cinematography: Eitan Hatucha

World Sales: Bleiberg Entertainment

"The Testament"

Yoel a meticulous historian leading a significant debate and investigation against holocaust deniers discovers that his mother carries a false identity.  As a historian with an unshakable commitment to the truth, he continues his investigations even at the cost of ruining his personal and professional life.

A mystery about a man who is willing to risk everything to discover the truth. 

Directed by Amichai Greenberg.

Produced by Yoav Roeh and Aurit Zamir of Gum Films.

Starring: Ori Pfeffer, Rivka Hur, Hagit Dasberg, Ori Yaniv

Cinematography: Moshe Mishali

World Sales: Intramovies

In Venice Days: "Longingdirected by  Savi Gabizon

A well off, childless man, meets his college girlfriend. He discovers that when they broke up, twenty years ago she was  pregnant and went on to have a lovely boy. The second thing he discovers in their meeting will change his life forever.

A sad comedy about missed parenthood, opportunities and second chances.

Savi Gabizon is a renowned director in Israel, who directed acclaimed films such as "Shuru", "Nin'as Tragedies" and Love Sick on Nana Street".

Produced by: Chilik Michaeli, Avraham Pirchi, Tami Leon of UCM films

Starring: Shai Avivi, Asi Levi, Shimon Mimran, Neta Riskin

Cinematography: Assaf Sudry

World Sales: Films Boutique