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Tel Aviv on Fire (2017)

Film Length:90 minutes
Status:Film Archive
Co-production with:Luxembourg, France, Belgium
I.F.F. fund:₪2,000,000

Salam, a charming 30-year-old Palestinian living in East Jerusalem, works as an intern on a popular soap opera « Tel Aviv on Fire » in which a Palestinian female spy has a love affair with an Israeli General in 1967. Every day, he has to pass by a check-point to reach the studio. At the checkpoint he meets Assi, the checkpoint commander, whose wife is a huge fan of the soap. In order to impress her, Assi gets involved in the writing of the show. Salam soon understands that Assi’s creative vision can get him a promotion as a screenwriter, at least until Assi and the show’s producer's start disagreeing on how it should all end, leaving Salam uncomfortably caught in the middle…

ProducerAyelet Kait
 Amir Harel
DirectorSameh Zoabi
Script WriterSameh Zoabi


2018, Cork Film Festival, Ireland, Cork
Group: Participation
2018, Kerala IFF, India, Thiruvananthapuram
2018, International Thessaloniki Film Festival, Greece, Thessaloniki
Group: Participation
2018, Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival, France, Montpellier
Prize: Best Music Award
2018, Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Canada, Montreal
Group: Participation
2018, Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, Toronto
Group: Participation
2018, Tokyo International Film Festival, Japan, Tokyo
Group: Participation
2018, Venice Film Festival, Italy, Venice
Prize: Best Actor
Group: Horizons
2018, Zurich Film Festival, Switzerland, Zurich
Group: Participation
2018, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia, Tallinn
Group: Participation
2018, Zagreb Film Festival, Croatia, Zagreb
Group: Official Competition
2019, SERET UK - Seret International Film Festival, England, London
2019, Febiofest, Czech Republic, Nationwide
Group: Participation
2019, Olhar de Cinema - Curitiba International Film Festival, Brazil, Curitiba
Group: Official Competition
2019, Australia Jewish Film Festival, Australia
Group: Participation
2019, Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria, Sofia
Group: Participation
2019, Odessa International Film Festival, Ukraine, Odessa
Group: Out of Competition
2019, Transatlantyk FF, Poland, Łódź
Group: Official Competition
2019, Cyprus Film Days IFF, Cyprus, Nicosia
2019, Jeonju International Film Festival, South Korea, Jeonju
Group: Official Competition
2019, FICBAQ Barranquilla International Film Festival, Colombia, Barranquilla
2019, Bengaluru International Film Festival, India, Bangalore
Group: Participation
2019, Curacao International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands, Rotterdam
2019, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands, Rotterdam
Group: Official Competition
2019, Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey, Istanbul
Group: Participation
2019, Tromsø International Film Festival, Norway, Tromsø
Group: Official Competition
2019, Hong Kong International Film Festival, HongKong, Hong Kong
Group: Participation