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Foxtrot (2016)

Genres:Drama, Military
Film Length:113 minutes
Status:Film Archive
Co-production with:Germany, France, Switzerland
I.F.F. fund:₪2,070,000
Production:Spiro Films Ltd.
Web Site:Click Here

Can we direct our fate, and if so, to what extent? At what price?

Foxtrot tells the tragic story of father and son. While the father is in his apartment in Tel Aviv, his son, a soldier, is serving far away in a muddy isolated outpost.
In the first part of the film, the parents are notified that their son was killed in action. A few hours later, the military authorities notify them again, this time that they made a terrible mistake and their son is alive.
In the other half of the film our point of view changes. We focus on the son, stuck in the muddy outpost and busy with military activity, routine and nightmarish. A series of odd events, coupled with group paranoia, reduces the son to acts that lead to his death.
Later we learn of the father's sins. The seemingly chaotic randomness becomes a sophisticated, well-arranged plan of fate getting even.

ProducerEitan Mansuri
DirectorShmulik Maoz
Script WriterShmulik Maoz
Associate ProducerViola Fugen (Germany)
 Marc Baschet (France)
 Michael Weder (Germany)
 Cedomir Kolar‏ (France)
Line ProducerJonathan Doweck
Producer in ChargeRoni Levy
Director of PhotographyGiora Bejach
Casting DirectorChamutal Zerem
Production DesignerEyal Elhadad
 Arad Sawat
Costume DesignerHila Bargiel
Make up Artistorly Ronen
Sound RecordingSam Cohen
ContinuityGuy Nemesh
Production ManagerNati Dotan
GafferAvi Dasbeg
Key Griproee mano
1st Assistant CameraGil Ezrachi
LoadersJecky Revah
Production CoordinatorRoni Levy
2nd Assistant DirectorEsther Miriam
 Adin Weiner
Set DresserGil Yaron
 Yuval Yang Gilad
Property MasterBeni Afar
WardrobeLaura Sheim
LightingEli Turjeman
GripOhad Even Haim
Boom OperatorZohar Shefa
Camp ManagerShahar Nadra
Water girlRevital Goichrach

Leading Actor / ActressLior Louie Ashkenazi as Michael Feldman
 Sarah Adler as Daphna Feldman
 Yonatan Shiray as Jonathan (Soldier)
Supporting Actor /Actressitay axelroad as Dancing Soldier
 Yehuda Almgor as Avigdor
 Jacob Daniel as man in the rain
 Kaplan Irit as woman in the rain
 Roy Miller as Military Officer
 Ilia Grosz as Daphna's sister
 Gefen Barkai as The C.O. (Soldier)
 Dekel Adin as Amikam (Soldier)
 Danny Isserles as Official Military Officer
 Yael Eisenberg as Female Soldier
 Shaul Amir as Raphael (Soldier)
 Shira Haas as Alma
Guest AppearanceArie Tcherner as High ranking officer
 Musa Zahalka as Mitsubishi driver
 Noam Lugasy as A girl in the front sit of the Mercedes
 Firas Nassar as A young driver - Mercedes
 Rotti Tamir as Mitsubishi driver's wife
 Rami Buzaglo as Driver of the toys van