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The Cousin (2016)

Film Length:90 minutes
Status:Ready for Release
I.F.F. fund:₪458,000

Naftali (45) lives with his wife and two children in a village in the center of Israel. For a long time he has been dreaming to renovate his studio, and now it's happening! Early in the morning he sets out to collect Said, a Palestinian worker, highly recommended by his gardener. Said is both relatively inexpensive and can do a very wide range of work (electricity, flooring, painting, plumbing...), which makes him a winning combination!!! Furthermore, this makes it possible for Naftali's honest left-wing conscience to be stroked with pleasure.
Early in the morning, under the interchange on an intercity road, several workers lunge at Naftali's car, one of them even enters his car physically, calling himself "Said". Naftali succeeds in pushing the interloper out and connecting to the real Said, but as they set out it appears that this is actually Fahed (26)!, Said's brother. Since Fahed makes a good impression, works a lot with Said and testifies that he is just as good as him, Naftali goes along with the change.
Naftali's plans for renovate the studio are interrupted by reality. It turns out that a local girl got assaulted at the same place where Naftali and Fahed went to buy some materials for the repair. The locals at the village immediately suspect Fahed, and Naftali is the only one that can backup Fahed, the renovation and the his honest left-wing conscience.
"The Cousin" is a frightening story but it is also full of humor, taking place in a very Israeli and authentic microcosms. The dispute of our region has never been shown this way before, and at the same time it is a very real angle, that can be understood by everyone, in every place.

ProducerTzachi Grad
DirectorTzachi Grad
Script WriterTzachi Grad