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Holy Air (2016)

Film Length:90 minutes
Status:Ready for Release
Production:Tree M Productions
Web Site:Click Here

Hawa Moqaddas "Holy Air" is an absurd Tragi-Comedy film about Adam who receives a “new annunciation” in the annunciation city NAZARETH. Adam is a Christian Arab living in Nazareth – member of a vanishing minority within a minority in the Holy Land and the Middle East. His wife Lamia is a strong, beautiful and progressive Arab woman, who runs a foundation for women’s rights.
When Adam hears that Lamia is pregnant and his father falls very ill, he evaluates his life and realizes that he has not achieved much. He feels strangled in his daily life to the point that he can no longer breathe air, whilst pilgrims from all over the world come to visit his birthplace to breathe “Holy Air”
Despite all his business ideas failing so far, he gives one last try to make it big. And what’s better to sell in the Holy Land
other than the very air that Virgin Mary breathed during her annunciation? But in order to, as one priest tells Adam during confession, “bring such product into the market” he needs to find allies from the three cultures ruling over Nazareth – the Jewish politicians, the Muslim mafia boss and the Catholic Church officials.
In a politically unstable world where religion is just another merchandise, can the Holy Air be Adam’s salvation or is it just an illusion?
The Film divulges upon three basic rights: to bear children, to make a career and to be born and die with honor. The background is harsh political reality the on-going Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, the Inter-relation between Muslims and Christians, a vanishing minority within a minority in the Holy Land and the Middle East. "Holy Air" is an ironic drama in which religious, economic, social and political interests clash together, portraying an absurd reality combined with humoristic approach.

ProducerIlan Moskowitz
DirectorShadi Sarur
Script WriterShadi Sarur
Line ProducerLaura Hawa
1st Assistant DirectorEhab Bahouth
Director of PhotographyDaniel Miller
Casting DirectorIlan Moskowitz
Production Designermigel merkin
Costume DesignerNaim K.Qasim
Make up ArtistZiv Katanov
Sound ManRaja Dubayah
EditorNaamam bishara
ContinuityAbeer abu zhaia
GafferFtian Ibrahim
Production CoordinatorFayz abu haya
2nd Assistant DirectorRojeh Khleif
Set DresserBashar Hasuneh
Property MasterTamir David
WardrobeAngham Khalil
Boom OperatorIbrahim Zaher
Camp ManagerSharbel Awis
Personal Ass. to DirectorAbeer abu zhaia

Leading Actor / ActressShadi Sarur as adam
 Latitia Eido as Lamia
 Samuel Kalderon as Roberto
 Tarek Kopty as George
 Dalia okal as Widad
Supporting Actor /ActressUsmi Masri as Priest
 Byan Anteer as Mohamad
 Loutof nousser as Said
Guest AppearanceAlbir mireb as Abu Elhasan
 Husam gulies as Peddler # 3
 kher fody as Peddler # 1
 khalil kadoura as Peddler # 2
 YOUsef Abu-Warda as Gynecologist
 Maisara Masri as Interviewer
 Smadar Yaaron as Whore
 Einat Weitzman as Ayelet