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Noble Savage (2018)

Film Length:100 minutes
Status:Film Archive
I.F.F. fund:₪180,000

Almost everything in Eli's life, a 15 years old boy with an eating disorder, is on the brink of catastrophe. He lives in a seedy neighborhood with his mother and her husband, two ex-junkies obsessed with living a "normative" life. His alcoholic father is an unemployed artist and a street philosopher, an eccentric character in a rough environment.
In this impulsive and violent world, nothing stays in its natural dimensions, and Eli's desperate efforts to unite his struggling family spin out of control, when a minor family dispute erupts into a cataclysmic disaster and everyone pays the ultimate price.
Noble Savage is a modern Greek tragedy about a cursed family where no one plays his intended role: The son becomes the adult, the father becomes the child and the mother becomes the lover.
This is a pessimistic, sometimes funny, story about a young man whose heroic battle to escape his parents fate take him away from the life he might have had.

ProducerLiat Ekta
 Dafna Prenner
 Shai Eines
 Shraga Bar
DirectorMarco Carmel
Script WriterDudu Busi
 Marco Carmel
Line ProducerAnat Koffler
1st Assistant DirectorHarel Itscovitch
Director of PhotographyAmit Yasur
Casting DirectorHalley Mon Sonego
Production DesignerNitsa Rosenthalis- Lavi
Costume DesignerHava Levi Rozalsky
Make up ArtistShelley Saar
Sound RecordingAshi Milo Mikowski
 Moti Hefetz
EditorDaniel Avitzur
 Daniel Avitzur
Music ScoreTal Yardeni
ContinuityDikla Jika Elkaslassy
Production ManagerTzahi Ayash
GafferEhoud Eitan
1st Assistant CameraJohnny Karny
Production CoordinatorMaryor Shahar
2nd Assistant DirectorOri Azar
Set DresserAlon Borenstein
Art Asst.Yuval Yaniv
Make UpOr Sapir
 Or Sapir
 Elia Kedem
 Halley Mon Sonego
LightingUri Imerglik
 Yoav Kestenberg
 Liran Rehana
 Moshe Ben-Shabat
 Raanan Berger
Boom OperatorSami Morib
Sound EngineerAmi Arad
Post Produvtion SupervisoOri Sharir
Color GraidingYoav Raz
Camp ManagerShay Machrovich
Production Asst.Aviv Telem
 Ori Amitai
 Arye Zion
 Nahal Zeitoun
 Nimrod Yona
 Omri Emanuel
 Omri Valtzer
2nd Assistant CameraAmihai Yaniv
 Aner Gera
Water girlLuna Slavina

Leading Actor / ActressAlon Aboutboul as Yom-Tov
 Liat Ekta as Sima
 Naveh Tzur as eli
 Ori Pfeffer as Elkayam
 Yaakov Zada Daniel as Yefet
 Morris Cohen as Nachshon
 Shira Haas as Anna
Supporting Actor /ActressDavid Ohayon
 Eyal Shikartsi as Eran
 Tal Kalay as Yonatan


2018, Ofir-Israeli Academy Award, Israel
Prize: Best Supporting Actress
Group: Official Competition
2018, Ofir-Israeli Academy Award, Israel
Prize: Best Actor
Group: Official Competition