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Our Father (2014)

Genres:Action, Thriller
Film Length:90 minutes
Status:Film Archive
Co-production with:France
I.F.F. fund:₪2,030,000
Production:Transfax Film Productions
Web Site:Click Here

Ovadia is the unbeatable doorman of Tel Aviv’s night clubs.
He fears nothing and has never lost a fight . His biggest dream is to become a father. Ovadia and his wife Rachel have been trying to get pregnant for almost 5 years. But without any luck ....

A small time gangster named Shalom, offers Ovadia a job as his debts collector offering him allot of money. Ovadia sees this as a great opportunity to start an expensive private treatment for his wife, with the thought that as soon as Rachel will get pregnant he will quit working for Shalom. But it’s not that easy. Shalom wants him for a last important mission for which Ovadia will have to pay a high price.

ProducerMichael Rozenbaum
 Marek Rozenbaum
DirectorMeny Yaesh
Script WriterMeny Yaesh
1st Assistant DirectorJonathan Rozenbaum
Director of PhotographyRam Shweky
Production DesignerEyal Elhadad
Costume DesignerRachel Dahan
Sound ManOleg Kaiserman
Production ManagerEran Kotzky
GafferEzer Katzav
Production CoordinatorLior Beri
2nd Assistant DirectorInbal Zcharya
WardrobeGil Yaron
Make UpMeirav Boshusha-Horovitz
GripOfer Almog
Stills PhotographerVered Adir

Leading Actor / ActressMoris Cohen as ovadia Rahamim
 Rotem Zisman Cohen as Rachel Rahamim
 Alon Dahan as Shalom Rozental
 Haim Zenati as Miki
Supporting Actor /ActressAvraham Selektar as Nissim Avrahami taxi driver
 Doron ben David as Romno
 Yael Hadar as Ofra private doctor
 Micha Selektar as Avi neighbor
 Yana Josef as Selector