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Longing (2016)

Genres:Drama, Family
Film Length:90 minutes
Status:Ready for Release
Web Site:Click Here

What happens when a well-off, childless man of 55 gets a phone call from his old college girlfriend and meets her at a fancy restaurant, where she suddenly bursts into tears and tells him that when they broke up, twenty years ago, she was pregnant? She's truly sorry that she never told him, she knew he didn't want to have children. She had a lovely boy. He's a bit like him, she says, and two weeks ago he celebrated his 19th birthday. She bursts into tears again, apologizes and excuses herself to use the restroom.
What's going through our man's mind at this moment, sitting alone in the restaurant with this new information? Will he calm down after he has called his lawyer and asked him to be available in thirty minutes, because he'll be needing to talk to him then? And how does he feel when she comes back from the restroom and sits silently in front of him, then starts to speak and cries again, and tells him that this son of his took her car a week ago, got into an accident, rammed into the railing of a bridge, fell off and died? And she doesn't know what to do. She wanted to tell him about it - after all, he is the boy's father, isn't he?
What can a man do with such information, other than go on with his life, even if with some sadness? And what tectonic forces rumble beneath the surface and suddenly burst, sending him off to England to stand there, at the ceremony of the unveiling of his tombstone, facing the grave of a son he never got to know? What makes him stay in England and try to discover who this boy was? As he meets with his son's friends, his teachers and his lover, he gradually finds himself identifying with the boy, proud of his abilities, saddened by his shortcomings, in awe of his great spirit, angered by the injustices he suffered, fighting on his behalf and forgiving his sins. And for the first time in his life, he experiences fatherhood.
This is a story about parenthood, about the will to be a parent and the afflictions that come with it, the obsession, the place where parenthood for the sake of the child ends and parenthood for its own sake begins. It's about identifying with your child, about fears and respect. And it's also the story of a journey that creates near-laboratory conditions for the examination of the hidden aspects of parenthood, beyond giving and responsibility.
And mostly, it is a very sad comedy, painful and funny, written in a realistic tone in order to provide a solid emotional platform for its absurd situations.

ProducerChilik Michaeli
 Tami Leon
 Avraham Pirchi
DirectorSavi Gabizon
Script WriterSavi Gabizon
Line ProducerMeir Tezet
1st Assistant DirectorRaanan Tessler
Director of PhotographyAsaf Sudry
Casting DirectorKEREN ELROM
Production DesignerShahar Bar-Adon
Costume Designerמיכל דור
Make up Artistorly Ronen
Sound ManItay Elohev
EditorTali Alter Shenkar
ContinuityEfrat Rasner
Production ManagerKobi Ozinci
GafferMichael Berdougo
Key GripNoam Eisenberg
1st Assistant CameraDoron Farhi
 Efrat Rasner
Production Coordinatorאביה סהראי
2nd Assistant DirectorYotam Lior
 Lilach Zilberberg
Set DresserTamar Meir
Property MasterItzik Geller
WardrobeYael Kredo
Make UpRiki Kamli
LightingGuy Narkis
GripYoram Shitrit
 Ofer Almog
Stills PhotographerEitan Riklis
Boom OperatorOren Raviv
Special EffectsDani Cohen
Post Produvtion SupervisoSarah Assouline
Location ManagerYali Kella
Production Asst.Ben-Zion Ezron
 Yogev Raziel
 Yehiam Saadon
 Tomer Leichter
2nd Assistant CameraAmnon Babaev
Water girlRevital Goichrach

Leading Actor / ActressShai Avivi as Ariel Bloch
 Assi Levi as Ronit Hilou
 Shimon Mimran as Eli
 Neta Riskin as Yael
 Yoram Toledano as Gideon
 Oleg Levin as Alex
 Shiri Golan as Hila
 Amos Mokadi as Ariel's Father
Supporting Actor /ActressAdam Gabay as Adam
 ori Laizerouvich as Miki
 Irma Fisko Stepanova as Anna
 Ella Armony as Lilia
 Erez Drigues as Sports store vendor
 Jacob Daniel as Gravedigger
 Aharoni Schweitzer nirit as Samdi
 Salim Daw as Restaurant Owner
 Samira Saraya as Raoda
 Eran Montemayor as Kong
 Shmuel Edelman as Principle
 Shmil Ben Ari as Amnon