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Red Fields dir. by Keren Yedaya in post production

Red Fields directed by Keren Yedaya is based on the 80s Anti-War Israeli rock opera “Mami” that generated a cult following.

This is the story of Mami, a young woman who was born and raised in a small impoverished town down south. She works at the snack bar at the local gas station One day she is struck by the strong hand of fate: A few days after their wedding, Nissim is wounded in the war and succumbs to a vegetative state. Mami doesn’t give up. She takes her wheelchair bound husband to faraway Tel Aviv; maybe there fortune will shine down on them. She finds work as a waitress in a local pub, but falls victim to attempted rape by the Palestinian workers. Ultimately she finds herself with her husband in the brothel of Batia Classa. There she meets a client, Prof. Kopmachine, the eccentric inventor, and this encounter changes her life. The professor rewires Mami’s brain and she becomes a media superstar. Mami establishes a satirical circus and new political party. When she is elected to power she advocates for one final war that will free the people from the affliction of love of life. The war events research committee finds Mami guilty of the failure of the war and sentences her and her handicapped husband to return to the southern town never to leave it again.

The rock opera "Mami" was a furious, provoking Rock Opera that went on stage in the mid 80's. It confronted and surfaced all the painful cross-sections  of Israeli Society – Jews - Arabs, Sephardi – Ashkenazi, Men – Women. Hillel Mitelpunkt the playwright, didn’t leave a stone unturned and gave voice to open wounds - racism, ethnic and socio economic gaps, and in general the more painful and ugly brutal sides of Israeli society. Despite it's not easy to swallow straightforwardness and maybe because of the music, the play became a hit and turned cult. 

“It is one of the most beautiful and significant anti-war texts that I have ever read or seen. It’s so poetic, strong and intelligent,”  Yedaya said at the 2016 Jerusalem Pitch Point where she first presented the project. 

The makeover will include and is based on the original songs written by Mitelpunkt and composed by Ehud Banai and Yossi Mar Haim with a new adaptation by Dudu Tassa. Yedaya's script will include the original songs  performed live by the film's actors, alongside unspoken passages that will describe Mami's world and life. 

This film can have the power of Pink Floyd's "The Wall", it can turn into an important anti-war political cinematic anthem for the next decade, said Yedaya at the Pitch Point. She explained that her intention is to give the film a strong realistic style but for the first time in her professional career also use a poetic and surrealistic language and camera movements. "Up till now I didn't move the camera, I studied and got to know the frame. Now I want to fly. " 

The role of Mami will be performed by singer Neta Elkayam, besides her a strong cast of actors and musicians .

Michael Rozenbaum and Marek Rozenbaum of Transfax Production will Produce. Co produced with Riva Filmproduction, Germany.

Red Fields is Keren Yeday's fourth film. Her debut film "Or" (2004) received the Camera De'Or award at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.