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קרן הקלנוע הישראלי


In a perfect world, Lily Brooke would have grown up with a father who wanted her in his life, a mother not addicted to pills, an older sister with a conscience and a brother not needing her naked to help him masturbate. But you can’t always get what you want… and Lily finds herself in her living room, staring at four dead bodies. She shot her father with his own gun, strangled her mother, found her sister hanging from the ceiling and her brother by dad's body, after snapping his own neck.

She goes to her therapist after hours, to confess and make sense of this confusing day. But Lily’s therapist isn’t home. Her teenage, judgmental, insensitive daughter is. Lily finds herself once more, locked in a battle of wills for some serious adult attention.

Family is the portrait of every family, if it's being taken in the dark.

Kedar's dark psychological drams disassembles the family unit from every possible angle. In her director statement, Kedar notes:  In "Family" I took every heart break that I experienced within the family and exaggerated it, took it to the extreme with the dream to create the craziest family drama that has been made in Israel, a country that is addicted to family dramas.  Psychologists say that it is natural to fantasize about murdering a parent because the fear of losing one is so horrible. I wrote a script out of it in which every death has a reason.
I suppose that the people who are closest to you are the people you want to kill the most when your angry, and at the same time these are the people you fear losing most. My generation speaks fluent `violence` and every one deals with it differently. I make movies.  We are addicted to these stories in the news because we are so scared that they will happen close to home. Out of this fear "Family" was created. The fear that something will happen to the people who are closest to you  and the fear that this something will be you. "
Lili, played by Kedar murders or helps her family members die; the father that does not see her, her depressed mother and  sister and abusing brother all find their death and with out the strangling family Lili finally discovers herself. "Lili", writes Kedar, turns the family into "an image she would like to remember - a loveable family portrait. Everyone together, no fighting, no fussing, no expectations or demands. Suddenly their only purpose is to help her create her art. She gets along fine with them when they don’t have a pulse." 
It’s a coming of age story of "a girl that has to leave home and be her own woman" writes Kedar. 
Family won Best Score at the Jerusalem Film Festival 2017. The International world premiere took place at the Warsaw Film Festival, further screening include Talinn Black Nights film festival; Best Director" & "Best Music"  awards at the Imagineindia International Film Festival in Madrid and more. The script won the Jerusalem Intl. film Lab award for best Screenplay in 2013.
Family is Verinica Kedar's third film and the first one that received production support. The film was produced as an Israel-Germany co-production receiveing the support of the Israel Film Fund and MDM Leipzig, Germany. 
Her debut film “Joe + Belle” was nominated for Best Picture at the Israeli Academy Awards 2012, granted her the Excellence Award from the Israeli Ministry of Culture and was one of the first films that was sold and screened on Netflix.
Kedar's second film "Endtime" was shot without a script during one night and received the Israel Film Fund production completion scheme. 
With: Eli Danker (Father), Evgenya Dodina (Mother), Hen Yanni, Arye Hasfari, Veronica Kedar
Produced by: Mosh Danon – Inosan Productions & Thanassis Karathanos
Director & Script: Veronica Kedar
D.O.P: Christian Huck
Editor: Veronica Kedar