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קרן הקלנוע הישראלי

Katriel Schory, Managing Director of the Israel Film Fund, elected to the Board of the European Film Academy

In it’s last board meeting, the EFA secretariat announced that Katriel Schory will join the EFA Board.

Schory, was elected by a majority of 3300 EFA members and will succeed the place of producer Marek Rozenbaum which has been serving as a Board member for the last six years. 

Schory says he is very proud that for the second time a representative of the Israeli Film Industry was elected to the Board of the EFA. He added that in the last years the European film academy supported the Israeli Film Industry and rewarded its Filmmakers and actors. The European Film Industry is the natural partner of the Israeli film industry. 

Schory added that within the framework of the EFA there are initiatives to keep on promoting the European film Industry and the European Film Heritage & Tradition; and within this context – the Israel Film industry as well. 

December 2017