NGO 58-015-103-3
קרן הקלנוע הישראלי


  • Katriel Schory Honored in Telluride
    Katriel Schory, Executive Director of the Israel Film Fund is honored with the Special Medallion at the 44th Telluride Film Festival.
  • Scaffolding
    "Scaffolding" Matan Yairs' debut film, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, ACID Program. Theatrical release in Israel on Nov 9, 2017.
  • Katriel Schory, Managing Director of the Israel Film Fund, elected to the Board of the European Film Academy
  • The Testament
    Yoel, a meticulous historian leading a significant debate against holocaust deniers, discovers that his mother carries a false identity. A mystery about a man who is willing to risk everything to discover the truth. Directed and Written by Amichai Greenberg
  • Congratulations to Katriel Schory for receiving the Berlinale Camera Award
    On Tuesday, 20/2, Katriel Schory received the Berlinale Camera Award for his contribution to Israeli Cinema, World Cinema and particularly European Cinema. Schory was awarded also for his strong commitment to safeguarding creative freedom and expression.
  • Doubtful
    In his first film Eliran Elya portrays a powerful story about Assi, a screenwriter and poet who is sent to work with juvenile delinquents in Beersheba - the desert city in southern Israel - who are under house arrest. Based on true events.
  • Family
    In her third film, Veronica Kedar portrays a family which is unlike anything we would expect. The film brakes all family given definitions and takes the viewers to unexpected places.
  • The Cousin - a film by Tzahi Grad
    All Naftali wants to do is renovate his old studio. The day he brings a Palestinian worker to start the renovation a young woman is assaulted in the small community where Naftali lives. The worker is quickly accused of the assault by the community and Naftali who stands up for his defense finds himself in the middle of a storm which quickly gets out of hand. A comic drama that is very much Israeli but universal at the same time
  • Films from the Backyard
    Three social realist films that were produced in Israel in the last year, focus on teens coming from harsh social backgrounds living in the outscirts of Israeli Society.
  • Red Fields dir. by Keren Yedaya in post production
    Red Fields directed by Keren Yedaya is based on the 80s Anti-War Israeli rock opera “Mami” that generated a cult following. Mami, a young girl from a southern town works at the local gas station until her husband returns severely wounded from the war. She moves with him to Tel Aviv and struggles to survive until a fateful encounter with an eccentric professor changes her life.
  • The Unorthodox - in Cinemas 26/7
    Set in Jerusalem in the beginning of the 1980's. Yakov Cohen is a simple religious man that decides to lift his head and fight the discrimination he encounters being a religious "Mizrahi" jew. Against all odds he manages to establish a political party, his life changes as well as the whole political and social reality in Israel.
  • Flawless
    Three teenagers from Jerusalem decide to sell their kidneys to pay for cosmetic surgery and prom dresses. As a secret uncovers they realize nothing is as it seems. A new film directed by Sharon Maymon and Tal Granit who collaborated and directed the award winning “The Farewell Party”.
  • Katriel Schory Executive-Director of the Israel Film Fund Steps Down
    Katriel Schory, Executive-Director of the Israel Film Fund will step down from his position by the end of this year after 20 years. He notified the Fund's board of directors early November. During the time Schory has been Executive-Director of the Israel Film Fund more than 300 full-length feature films were approved for production. Schory said that he is stepping down with a sense of accomplishment due to having managed to contribute in a variety of actions to the successful journey Israeli Cinema has taken during his time. He said that among others he is proud of the fact that he managed to promote young and new filmmakers; to green light films that express Israel's cultural diversity; and to have regained Israeli audience trust in Israeli films.