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European Film academy Awards - Samuel Maoz nominated for Best Director  

Samuel Maoz, Director of the Silver Lion award winner film, "Foxtrot"  is one of the 5 directors nominated for Best European Director.

"Foxtrot", Maoz's second Film received the Israeli "Ophir" Award for Best Film as well as the National Board of Review Award for Best Foreign Language Film.  

"Foxtrot deals with the open wound or bleeding soul of Israeli society. What a traumatic circle we are trapped in. I mean, we dance the foxtrot. Every generation tries to dance it differently, but like the foxtrot steps, we always end at the same starting point." Said Maoz (NPR, March 3, 2018, 

In 2010 "Lebanon" Maoz's first film received both the European Discovery Award and the Best European Cinematography Award ( Giora Bejach) .

The Award ceremony will take place on December 15 in Seville.


Katriel Schory Executive-Director of the Israel Film Fund Steps Down

Katriel Schory, Executive-Director of the Israel Film Fund will step down from his position by the end of this year after 20 years. He notified the Fund's board of directors early November. During the time Schory has been Executive-Director of the Israel Film Fund more than 300 full-length feature films were approved for production. Schory said that he is stepping down with a sense of accomplishment due to having managed to contribute in a variety of actions to the successful journey Israeli Cinema has taken during his time. He said that among others he is proud of the fact that he managed to promote young and new filmmakers; to green light films that express Israel's cultural diversity; and to have regained Israeli audience trust in Israeli films.