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קרן הקלנוע הישראלי

Cannes Film Festival, 2018

The Israel Film Fund will be running a booth at the Marche du film during the time of the festival. At the Booth information will be given about current Israeli film productions, contact information of  Israeli film producers and filmmakers, information about co-productions and more. The booth is a vibrant meeting place between Israeli film- makers and colleagues from around the world.

The booth is located at the Marche Du Film:  Riviera – E20.

Katriel Schory, Manging Director of the Fund will be present. Katriel will be acting as a moderator of Table no. 3 – at the Producers Network – Breakfast Meetings.

Israeli Cinema – Cannes 2018


The Cousin - a film by Tzahi Grad

All Naftali wants to do is renovate his old studio. The day he brings a Palestinian worker to start the renovation a young woman is assaulted in the small community where Naftali lives. The worker is quickly accused of the assault by the community and Naftali who stands up for his defense finds himself in the middle of a storm which quickly gets out of hand. A comic drama that is very much Israeli but universal at the same time