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קרן הקלנוע הישראלי

"The Unorthodox" - Opening film of the Jerusalem Intl. Film Festival 

The Unorthodox, is a comic drams directed by Eliran Malka. The story follows Yakov Cohen an honest, simple religious man who decides to do something big. When Yakov Cohen’s daughter is expelled from school for ethnic reasons, he decides to fight back.YaKov feels he can o longer hold back against the discrimination    he feels as a Sephardi and together with two friends  establishes the first ethnic political group in Jerusalem. With no political experience, connections or money, but with allot of passion and love the move succeeds. His motive is pure and convincing but political influencers and dealers soon start to meddle. Yakov's world changes quickly yet, he soon loses his position within the party and goes home. His daughter Heli explains it best, the world has  changed but you haven’t.

The Unorthodox is inspired by the formation in the 1980's of the "Shas" political party which is  today one of the leading party's in Israeli politics, whose voters are mainly Mizrahi Religious Jews .

Shuli Rand returns to the screen as lead actor. 

This is Malk's first feature film. 

Production: Dori Media Group

The premier screening opening the Jerusalem film festival will take place on July 26. 

Films from the Backyard

Three social realist films that were produced in Israel in the last year, focus on teens coming from harsh social backgrounds living in the outscirts of Israeli Society.