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European Film Academy Awards

Foxtrot and Longing amongst the 49 films selected for the European Film Awards Feature Film Selection shortlist.

Foxtrot directed by Samuel Maoz is an Israel – France-Germany coproduction. The film received the Silver Lion grand jury prize at the 2017 Venice Film Festival as well as the Best Feature film award at the 2017 "Ophir" Israeli Film academy awards.

Longing directed by Savi Gabizon received the BNL people's choice award at the 2017 Venice film festival, the best script and Audience choice award at the Jerusalem Film Festival. 

The two films deal with loss, fate and gries as well as Father - son relationships.


The Unorthodox - in Cinemas 26/7

Set in Jerusalem in the beginning of the 1980's. Yakov Cohen is a simple religious man that decides to lift his head and fight the discrimination he encounters being a religious "Mizrahi" jew. Against all odds he manages to establish a political party, his life changes as well as the whole political and social reality in Israel.