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Sky Raiders

A new film for youth and the whole family out now. 13-year-old Yotam is obsessed with flying, but his overprotective mother won’t let him anywhere near planes. When Yotam and his classmate Noa find a rare antique plane in the local junkyard, they team up with Morris, an 80-year-old grumpy loner who used to be a pilot. Together they try to bring the plane back to life, just in time for the annual Air Show.  Lior Cheftez screenwriter and director writes: “I grew up on the films and Tv series of the 80s: Karate Kid, The Goonies, The A – Team, Iron Eagle and Airwolf. These are unrealistic action films with a huge soul that remain sketched in the heart of a child forever. Sky Raiders combines on the one hand the world of flying: a symbolic image of dream fulfillment, braking boundaries and an expression of ultimate freedom and on the other hand the personal journey of the heroes, the challenges and struggles of their adolescence.” “Sky Raiders” is an uplifting adventure feature film for the entire family.